Who We Are

The Recovery United Community Center (RUCC) is a non-judgmental, inclusive, safe-space, that welcomes you and meets you where you’re at, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Everyone is eligible for RUCC services and programming. Recovery United Community Center offers a variety of services and programming to meet your self-identified needs. Upon entering the RUCC, you will receive immediate support, resources, and services.

You can have a RUCC peer recovery coach and not engage in the RUCC’s programming, or you can engage in RUCC’s programming and not have a RUCC peer recovery coach.

Our Mission

Recovery United Community Center’s mission is to build an authentic connection of recovery, hope, and community through meaningful relationships and profound advocacy.

Our Leadership

Paul Sarris, CPRM, CPRC, Director – Peer Services

Paul started with CARE in 2014 as a part time peer recovery coach and is currently the director of Peer Recovery Services at CARE of Southeastern Michigan. Paul holds the CPRC (Certified Peer Recovery Coach) credential through MDHHS-Michigan Department of Health and Human Services  and the CPRM (Certified Peer Recovery Mentor) through MCBAP-Michigan Certification  Board for Addiction Professional. Paul is also a certified trainer with the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery. Paul has been an active member in the recovery community for over 34 years. He has experience mentoring and assisting individuals with their recovery, as well as, providing support and guidance to individuals to sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Paul’s underlying core values of never giving up, always keep trying, and it is never too late to change, has helped guide and serve him and others in the community. His passion and dedication to serve and help others has helped to develop and expand the peer recovery coaching program at CARE.

Joseph Calnan, CPRC, CPRM, Program Manager – Peer Recovery Services

Joe Calnan is the program manager for community based peers at CARE. Joe was instrumental in the development and implementation of CARE embedding peer recovery coaches within local emergency departments in 2017. Joe is a Certified Peer Recovery Coach and Certified Peer Recovery Mentor. He has been part of the recovery community for over nine years and has been working with CARE since 2015. Joe is an active member of the community and provides support to adults and youth in their recovery journeys.

Jaclyn Palos, CPRM, CPRC, Program Manager- Peer Recovery Services

Jackie is a Certified Peer Recovery Coach and Mentor and has had experience in both the community and medical settings. Jackie began her recovery coaching journey serving people at as an ER peer and is now program manager for PRC services in various hospitals throughout Southeastern Michigan. Jackie has been in recovery for over nine years and is passionate about advocating for the recovery community by spreading awareness about Substance Use Disorders and reducing stigma.

Chris Franquist, CPRC, Program Supervisor – Recovery United Community Center

Chris Franquist is the Program Supervisor at the Recovery United Community Center and has been employed at CARE for nearly 2 years. He began working for CARE in 2021 as a Peer Recovery Coach and is an active member of the recovery community. In his role as Program Supervisor he helps organize and oversee the day to day operations of the community center and also does community outreach. Chris has been in recovery for over six years and enjoys the connections he’s made along the way.

Robin Burcicki, CPRM, CPRC, Program Supervisor – Peer Recovery Services

Robin is a person in long term recovery for 9 years. Robin began working for CARE of Southeastern Michigan in 2019 as a peer recovery coach in the Hospital Based Peer Recovery Services program. She has served in both Macomb and Wayne County hospitals. Robin enjoys bringing a smile to the faces of those in the hospital suffering from addiction, loving them where they’re at, and leading them in the direction of a positive pathway that they choose. Robin was promoted to Program Supervisor in November of 2021.

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