Who We Are

The Recovery United Community Center (RUCC) is a non-judgmental, inclusive, safe-space, that welcomes you and meets you where you’re at, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Everyone is eligible for RUCC services and programming. Recovery United Community Center offers a variety of services and programming to meet your self-identified needs. Upon entering the RUCC, you will receive immediate support, resources, and services.

You can have a RUCC peer recovery coach and not engage in the RUCC’s programming, or you can engage in RUCC’s programming and not have a RUCC peer recovery coach.

Our Mission

Recovery United Community Center’s mission is to build an authentic connection of recovery, hope, and community through meaningful relationships and profound advocacy.

Our Leadership

Paul Sarris, CPRM, CPRC, Director – Peer Services

Paul started with CARE in 2014 as a part time peer recovery coach and is currently the director of Peer Recovery Services at CARE of Southeastern Michigan. Paul holds the CPRC (Certified Peer Recovery Coach) credential through MDHHS-Michigan Department of Health and Human Services  and the CPRM (Certified Peer Recovery Mentor) through MCBAP-Michigan Certification  Board for Addiction Professional. Paul is also a certified trainer with the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery. Paul has been an active member in the recovery community for over 34 years. He has experience mentoring and assisting individuals with their recovery, as well as, providing support and guidance to individuals to sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Paul’s underlying core values of never giving up, always keep trying, and it is never too late to change, has helped guide and serve him and others in the community. His passion and dedication to serve and help others has helped to develop and expand the peer recovery coaching program at CARE.

Andrew Brown, BA, CPRM, CPRC, Program Manager – Peer Recovery Services

Andrew is a person in long term recovery for the past fourteen years. He has been with CARE since 2014, starting as a peer recovery coach and has since been promoted to program manager for Peer Services overseeing peer recovery coaches working in various settings. Andrew is also a trainer for both Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Peer Recovery Coach Curriculum. He is very passionate about a multiple pathways approach to recovery and dedicated to the concept of harm reduction for people struggling with substance use disorder. Aside from his work at CARE, Andrew is an award-winning independent filmmaker and many of his films focus on substance use and recovery.

Joseph Calnan, CPRC, CPRM, Program Manager – Peer Recovery Services

Joe Calnan is the program manager for hospital-based peer recovery services. He oversees peer recovery coaches working within McLaren Macomb, Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital, Beaumont Royal Oak, Henry Ford Macomb, and Ascension St. John Hospital. Joe was instrumental in the development and implementation of CARE embedding peer recovery coaches within local emergency departments in 2017. Joe is a Certified Peer Recovery Coach and Certified Peer Recovery Mentor. He has been part of the recovery community for over nine years and has been working with CARE since 2015. Joe is an active member of the community and provides support to adults and youth in their recovery journeys.

Lindsey Parton, CPRM, Program Supervisor – Recovery United Community Center

Lindsey is a person in long term recovery for over seven years. Lindsey started working with CARE of Southeastern Michigan as a peer recovery coach in emergency departments in Macomb and Wayne Counties. Lindsey quickly moved into the Recovery United Community Center’s volunteer coordinator position and was then promoted to program supervisor in May of 2021. In her current role, Lindsey works alongside the community to fill gaps and create access to services needed by those seeking recovery. Lindsey is a fierce advocate for the rights of all peoples, and has a special passion for those facing challenges with substance use disorder. Lindsey is a Certified Peer Recovery Mentor and Community Health Worker.

Samuel Paris, CPRM, CPRC, Program Supervisor – Peer Recovery Services

In 2015, Sam became a Certified Peer Recovery Mentor through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and is an active member of the recovery community. For the past 17 years Sam has been successful at educating individuals in early recovery. In 2017, Sam started working for CARE of Southeastern Michigan and was quickly promoted to a program supervisor for the newly launched Treatment Court and Community Corrections programs. In this capacity, Sam works with a team of judges, attorneys, case managers, therapists, and recovery coaches throughout Macomb County to support individuals involved with the justice system overcome their legal hurdles, reduce recidivism rates, and stay active in long-term recovery. Sam shares compassion, empathy, and understanding with his team and everyone he connects with.

Chris Sexton, CPRC, Program Supervisor – Peer Recovery Services

Chris is a long-term member of the recovery community and a Certified Peer Recovery Coach. Chris started working at CARE in 2018 and was promoted to a supervisor role in 2019. He works to help many individuals sustain long-term recovery from substance use. In his previous roles, Chris worked to help those in Michigan Department of Corrections and Community Corrections programming continue on their individual quest towards long-term recovery. He also has experience helping those we serve to become gainfully employed in a fulfilling career through a Department of Labor and Michigan WORKS! partnership program. Chris facilitates Adult Anger Management and now supervises the peer program in Macomb County hospitals. Chris is passionate and dedicated to serving others recovering from substance use and unhealthy lifestyles by sharing experience, hope and resources for proactive coping.

Mark Kilgore, CPRM, CPRC, Program Coordinator

Mark has been in long term recovery for over two decades. He has not used any drugs or alcohol since July of 1998. Mark has been an employee at CARE for ten years and is the program coordinator for Project Vox, a recovery community organization based out of the Recovery United Community Center. Project Vox is a recovery advocacy organization where individuals advocate, educate and celebrate recovery. Mark has a bachelor of science in psychology. In addition, he holds a certificate from the Michigan Certification Board of Addiction Professionals as a Certified Peer Recovery Mentor and is a Certified Prevention Specialist. Mark is also a Certified Peer Recovery Coach through Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Mark received the 2017 Real Michigan award for Recovery Warrior of the Year. His passion in life is to help others achieve recovery by whatever is the best pathway for them.

Robin Burcicki, CPRM, CPRC, Program Supervisor – Peer Recovery Services

Robin is a person in long term recovery for 9 years. Robin began working for CARE of Southeastern Michigan in 2019 as a peer recovery coach in the Hospital Based Peer Recovery Services program. She has served in both Macomb and Wayne County hospitals. Robin enjoys bringing a smile to the faces of those in the hospital suffering from addiction, loving them where they’re at, and leading them in the direction of a positive pathway that they choose. Robin was promoted to Program Supervisor for the Ascension Moross site in November of 2021.

Tom Telotte, CPRC, Project Coordinator – Peer Recovery Services

Tom has been a substance use disorder recovery advocate for the past 14 years, mentoring and providing guidance to many individuals along the way. Prior to joining CARE, he had eleven years of experience as a recovery home program director and history working in the recovery community providing support to families of those suffering from substance use disorders. Tom has worked as a peer recovery coach for within the emergency department peer recovery program at McLaren Macomb hospital and is now a project coordinator for the CARE-COR program.

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